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Friend pimpage


Your Sunday morning pimpage:
-Fellow WIBite Keyan Bowes has a story up at Cabinet des Fees, “Nor Yet Feed the Swine”, a creepy take on the Curlylocks nursery rhyme. Bet you’ll never see strawberries the same way after reading it…

-Fellow VDer Stephen Gaskell‘s “Aequestria” is in the current issue of Interzone: a neat SF take on colonisation, with a nice twist at the end (and gorgeous, full-colour artwork by Jim Burns).

-And, with some delay because I hadn’t got around to reading it until recently, Angela Slatter‘s “The Chrysanthemum Bride” in Fantasy Magazine, a horror story set in Ancient China, about a vain woman taken to be the bride of the Emperor. You know it’s going to end badly and suspect some of the ending, but you still can’t stop until the end…

Scifi Strange


An interesting post from writer Jason Sanford about the new wave of SF: Scifi Strange.

The movement combines a literary (and sometimes experimental) style with a multi-cultural viewpoint and examination of basic human desires and needs, all while staying within the real-world parameters of SF’s literature of ideas.

(yes, you won’t find it in the blog post. I cheated and lifted it from another post Jason made in the TTA Press forums)

Jason mentions a bunch of writers from Interzone: Eugie Foster, Gareth L. Powell, Mercurio D. Rivera and me–along with Paolo Bacigalupi, Ted Chiang, Ian McDonald, and Nnedi Okorafor.

That’s interesting (basically New Weird, but in SF 🙂 ). It does describe pretty well the SF I write, as well as the SF I enjoy; and I can think of a couple other writers who are dealing with it, like Sara Genge.

What do you think? Is that a new movement, or has it been there all along? Any other exciting things happening in SF on a large scale?