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A Salvaging of Ghosts

A Xuya story about loss, ghosts, and diving into the wrecks of mindships. Beneath Ceaseless Skies, special Science Fantasy issue, March 2016.

Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight

A Xuya universe story, published in Clarkesworld Magazine in January 2015. Winner of the BSFA Award for Best Short Fiction. Locus Award Finalist, Best Short Story.

The Breath of War

A Xuya science fantasy story published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, March 2014. Finalist for a Nebula Award for Best Short Story (2014).

The Moon Over Red Trees

Historical fantasy set in colonial Indochina, published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies October 2014

Ship’s Brother

A Xuya universe story, reprinted in Clarkesworld, January 2014.


A Xuya universe story. Winner, Locus and Nebula Award, 2012; shortlisted for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, the Hugo Award, and the British Science Fiction Association Award, 2012.

The Shipmaker

A Xuya universe story. Winner of the British Science Fiction Association Award, 2010.

The Lonely Heart

A retelling of "The Painted Skin" set in modern-day China, reprinted in Lightspeed Magazine January 2015.


A Xuya universe story. Shortlisted for a Locus Award, 2014.

The Waiting Stars

A Xuya universe story. Nebula Award for Best Novelette, 2013. Shortlisted for the Hugo and Locus Award, 2013.

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A Xuya short story about low-level artificial intelligences, in Navah Wolfe's and Dominik Parisien's The Starlit Wood.

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The Dust Queen

A near-future science fiction story, published in Reach for Infinity, edited by Jonathan Strahan, Solaris Books (June 2014). Shortlisted for a Locus Award, 2014.

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Other Stories

Blessing the Earth (Tales of Moreauvia, 2011)

Father’s Flesh, Mother’s Blood (Dark Futures, September 2010)

Silenced Songs (Music for Another World, August 2010)

Desaparecidos (Realms of Fantasy, June 2010 issue)

Eye of the Destroyer (Blood and Devotion, Spring 2010)

After the Fire (Apex Magazine, November 2009)

Healing Hands (Fantastical Visions IV, July 2009)

Dancing for the Monsoon (Abyss & Apex, issue 30, April 2009)

City of the Gods (Alternative Coordinates, issue 1, Spring 2009)

Murder in Laochan (New Ceres Nights, Spring 2009)

At the Gates of White Marble (Leading Edge Magazine, issue 54, December 2007)

Sea Child (Coyote Wild Magazine, Autumn 2007)

The Naming at the Pool (Reflection’s Edge, May 2007)

Weepers and Ragers (Abyss and Apex, 2nd Quarter 2007)

For a Daughter (Haruah, May 2006 issue)

Kindred Spirits (Deep Magic, May 2006 issue)

Citadel of Cobras (The Sword Review, May 2006 issue)

The Triad’s Gift (Deep Magic, February 2006 issue)

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